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Friday, February 22, 2013


Would somebody please stage an intervention for me? I have been CRAZY busy for the past couple of weeks, and it has led to some really scary mess taking over my house.  I need to clean, but instead I have been making new messes! 

Behold my office floor, at least that is what you should see in this picture.  I have another show coming up in a couple of weeks and I am super excited about the new pieces I am making, but this is just ridiculous!  I belong on "Hoarders," I think there is a dead cat under this pile (okay I don't have a cat, but it IS really messy).

Since I am publicly shaming myself into a cleaning spree I will also share this photo of one of the jackets I am working on so you can see I am not a total loser.  The show will be amazing.  We have a Mad Hatter's Tea theme.  There will be hats and all of my garments are going to have velvet or corduroy in them, they will feel fantastic!  I can't wait to see everything completed, so I guess I better get back to work.  If you live in the PNW come see us at the Anchor Pub in downtown Everett on Sunday March 10th.

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