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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Last Minute Show

Well I am officially loco.  What?  You already knew that, oh well... I guess this is like my first step.  I am admitting I have a problem.  I am a Last Minute Lucy.  You know, the girl who waits until the last possible moment to do stuff.  Yeah, that is me.  Yesterday, while I was moving my inventory into the boutique I decided to plan a fashion show... for Valentine's Day.

I am still working out the details, but as of now I have three designers on board (okay, one of them is me), a DJ to MC the evening, two belly dancers, four models (okay, again one of them is me), a man to pour the champagne, a poster with a couple of blanks for more names, and a venue willing to allow my madness to continue unchecked.  Not bad for an idea I hatched about 18 hours ago. 

Sneak Peek- this image is the beginning of my poster...

And I found the perfect fabric on clearance to make the kirtle that will go under my houpellande, now I just have to sew those in the next two weeks, while I plan a fashion show...  Yeah, loco.

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