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Friday, January 6, 2012

Stupid Frogs

A note for those of you who do not knit, or crochet: to frog is to rip out your work. 

Yesterday I frogged a sweater that I had just finished knitting right before Christmas.  I knew I was going to do it, I planned to do it, I was prepared to do it, but it still sucked!  The sweater wasn't right, I had to put it down, but I still can't help mourning all the hours I spent on it. 

I think the worst part is knowing it was all my fault!  Really, I have to own this one.  I hate swatching.  I swatch for gauge only, and rarely.  I skipped doing a swatch on this one and the lace pattern was so subtle as to be non-existent.  On top of that, I knew I hated it long before it was done, but I kept going.  I kept thinking it would shape up in blocking.  I was wrong.  There I said it, my husband would be so pleased.

Don't worry, there is a good part to this story.  I started fresh on the sweater last night.  I am replacing the lace border with bold cables down the front.  I swatched the pattern this time, I really like it.  I love the anticipation that comes with making something new.  So much so that I have a hard time finishing anything without starting something else.  I ordered a book that I am hoping will help me with that. 

I can't wait for this to arrive, then maybe I will complete the giant box of nearly finished projects I have waiting for me, and they will be put up for sale in my shop.  They all want to go to good homes where somebody will wear them, life in a box is no fun!

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