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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Was It Worth It?

Today I hurt, a lot.  I had one of my manic days yesterday and moved all of my living room, dining room and office furniture around.  I needed to vacuum, and do the laundry, then suddenly- moving day!  I hate it when I do this because I always get hurt, which is inevitable when you move your antique roll top desk by yourself, but I do it anyway.  The morning after I am wondering if it was worth it.  Now I just  want new furniture.

Correspondence Corner
Office Space

I need (okay want vary badly) a new dining table, I have for years.  My husband and I were given a "lovely" antique table.  It is one of the ugliest tables known to man and I hate it passionately.  My husband spent week lovingly refinishing the top, I still hate it.  The table is not only ugly, but very inconvenient.  It doesn't fit in my space, you run into it with your thighs and/or knees when you sit down,  and it is on casters- so half the time my kids are pushing it around while you try to eat!  Did I mention I hate it?  I finally found the perfect replacement, it is from Ikea, but I still like it.

I want two of these, I want to place them side by side in front of my pew, yeah, did I mention I have an antique pew.  They are skinny and perfect for the space.  I will have just the right space for family dinners and the ability to expand to seat 12.  Ooooh as we speak, er type, the hubby just said, "you should get those, I like them."  Sweet!   How I love that man, and not just for the money... no really.

I also want a chair for this little corner.  I need a nice comfy one that is good for reading and knitting.  See the heater vent?  This is a really warm little corner that would be perfect on cold days, if it just had a place to sit!  Any suggestions?  I am thinking club chair, if I can thrift something cute, but I would settle for an Ikea chair if I am going by there anyway.  Oooh, and maybe a new rug to compliment my insanely ugly vintage sofa too.  Such a slippery slope.

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