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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vernal Equinox

Aaah spring!  I love it when the seasons change.  I am always amazed and filled with awe as I watch the earth shift her guise.  I have a hard time choosing a favorite season because I really do marvel at them all.  At least in the beginning I do, but then after a few weeks of winter's cold or summer's heat I am usually over it and ready to see spring and autumn again!  Well this year I welcomed spring with a few moments in my garden, checking on the progress of Mother Nature's costume change.  Here are a couple pictures for those of you stuck in colder climes where spring hasn't quite sprung.

fuzzy kiwi buds!

I have also been preparing for my spring planting by pre-sprouting some peas.  We still have lots of cold, wet days ahead of us here in the Pacific Northwest and my tender little pea seeds would surely rot away if I sowed them directly right now.  So instead I placed them between two layers of paper towels in a baking dish and lightly wet them.  I have had these in a nice warm spot with plenty of indirect light for three or four days now (with one additional soaking) and they have already begun to sprout!  I will be planting these out in a couple of days, but first I will move them to the colder environs of my back porch to acclimate a bit.  Let's hope the dog doesn't get hungry and munch on my seeds!

My garden beds from last year are being abandoned in an attempt to get maximum sun this summer, so I had to pull out all of my garlic bulbs.  I meant to get them right back in the ground, but that was a week ago and they haven't quite made it.  Luckily they look like they will still be just fine to go in the ground when I plant the peas.

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