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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Y.A.C. Mom

I watched my 9-year-old fall in love on Saturday.  It was truly amazing to behold.  Luckily he wasn't swooning over a girl, it was his first youth armored combat practice. 

We have always encouraged our children to find activities that interest them.  With my daughter we tried ballet, gymnastics, guitar, scrap booking, volleyball, and piano before discovering she excels in the circus arts.  She is a natural juggler, has good balance, and enjoys the flying trapeze.  Awesome, expensive, but awesome.  My son has been a little harder to pin down.  He regularly refuses to try group activities, opting instead to play video games or read a book.  We did get him to play golf last summer and he plans to continue with that, but nothing else has really grabbed him, until now.

Saturday he got to put on armor and sword fight.  He was over the moon.  I have never seen him so interested in anything, ever.  I admit to being a little bit concerned about how it would go, I mean not every kid wants to get hit.  But he really does seem to have found his sport.  He was chivalrous and attentive, he tried to adapt to the coaching advice he was given, and getting hit didn't seem to daunt him.  He fought well and is already counting the days until his next practice (literally, this morning he reminded me it is only 12 more days until next time).  I will probably still worry about injuries, but at least being a Y.A.C. mom is cooler than being a soccer mom.

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