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Friday, March 16, 2012

Watcha Been Wearing?

On Wednesday I cut my own hair.  Shaved a mohawk... because I can.  I have been hating my hair for months, I kept telling myself I was growing it out, so I had to suffer through the awkward phase.  Tough it out.  Lame.  Life is short, hair grows back.  I don't have any reason to keep my hair professional right now, no job, no plans, so what the hell?  Besides, I am cute with short hair (at least that is what my husband says).

Whenever I cut my hair I manage to take some pictures to share with friends far away, the friends I still go to for style advice and support.  Well I realized today that I had managed photos three days in a row and that is as close to documenting my outfits as I get, so without further ado; this is officially an "Outfit Post"

Wednesday: skinny jeans w/ navy & white striped mini dress, brown tank, brown cardigan and navy flats

Thursday: skinny jeans, white v-neck T, black cardigan, B&W scarf, and Chucks

Friday: black snap ankle leggings, mini dress, black cardigan, and black flats
So now a little fashion analysis of my selections.  I like to be comfy, but I do not rock yoga pants unless I am going to the gym, or suffering from depression.  This week I haven't made it to the gym once, but I needed to avoid the lurking depression, so I have opted for the comfort of skinny stretchy jeans and leggings.  I like the look of layers, and I live in the chilly Pacific Northwest so I always need a little sweater action, but spring is just around the corner so I wanted to dust off some of my cute frocks too.  That is how I ended up pairing little dresses with "pants" and cardigans.  I haven't left the house all week, so I didn't NEED to get dressed, but I could certainly answer my door if you came by unexpectedly. 

Okay, tongue-in-cheek aside, I guess what I have been wearing is actually vaguely important, writing about it reminds me how I am feeling about my life.  This isn't a fashion blog, (I know you are shocked right?).  This is a blog about my life, and while I do love clothes, and I love getting dressed, I am also in a weird transitional phase of my life... getting dressed is actually part of my ritual of normalcy.  So for those of you out there sitting in your pajamas after 8 a.m. I say, go get dressed, maybe even take a shower.  Then you can answer the door when the mailman knocks too.

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