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Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm Not Dead Yet...

Spring Break has kept me busy with family obligations and fun, but I wanted to post some quick photos of my underwear.  Yep, you read that right.  I wanted to share my underwear.  I have just finished my drawers and camisa, these are the first items for my SCA persona.  I am working on an entire outfit patterned on the clothing of 13th century Spain.  I am inspired by the mix of cultures in the Kingdom of Castile during the Middle Ages, so my garb will be a mix of Spanish and Moorish elements.  I admit to being really geeky, and really excited!

My favorite part about these undergarments is the embroidery.  I created basic stars on the sleeves, inspired by my name (which I will only alter slightly for the SCA to Celestina Maria), and used portions of Paula Kate Marmor's wonderful FREE Elizabethan Blackwork pattern database (Blackwork may technically be Elizabethan but it is rumored to have been inspired by Spanish embroidery, and sources do show black embroidered designs on period camisas, so I took the leap).  I used coral beads to embellish Marmor's pomegranate design on the cuff of the drawers, and you can't see it in the pics but I wove a red wool drawstring to tie the waist.  So pretty!


  1. Beautiful handiwork! What is SCA?

    1. The Society for Creative Anachronism my Lady, or The Society, as it is more commonly known. You know Renaissance faires and the like? My boy recently started youth armored combat and we all had to join in the fun