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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Allergic to Life

photo by Alex Valavanis

My hubby claims I am allergic to life.  I think this may be one of the most horrible things I have ever heard.  He didn't say it to make me sad, he was just kidding, but I can't get it out of my head.  What a depressing thought!

I am allergic to MANY things, I have never even bothered with one of those fancy tests to tell you what causes the allergies because I suffer from so many I can't imagine it making any difference in my quality of life.  I have tried just about every over-the-counter allergy remedy and even a couple of prescriptions over the years, but nothing really seems to work well enough to warrant the side effects.  

The hubby wants me to go in for the fancy test.  He has said this more than once lately, but I think I cope.  His comment about being allergic to life really has me thinking though...  Do I really cope, and is coping even enough?  I have good days and bad days.  Since we moved to the Pacific Northwest my bad days seem to be outnumbering my good ones.  I "know" I am allergic to pine pollens, and we have a couple of pine trees here in the Evergreen State.  But I think I may have some issues with mold that I never noticed living in drier climes.  I spent pretty much all fall and winter in a state of allergic reaction, I even got pneumonia, that was rad. 

And now the much awaited splendor of spring has me right back in the lurch, I have a problem with grass, especially when people mow it.  In my neighborhood that is every sunny day (luckily the sun comes and goes around here).  Add the high pollen count to the grass and I am wasting whole days unable to breathe and/or function normally.  Maybe it is time for a little professional help.  Is there anybody out there with a good allergy prescription story?  Please do tell, I want to know there is hope of a sniffle free life without becoming a zombie.  You don't have to tell me exactly what you take, I am just curious about general effectiveness and side effects from the patients point of view.

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