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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Funky, But Not in the Good James Brown Way

Blah, yeah you read that right, blah, or bleh, or possibly blue?  I am in a major funk.  I had a wonderful weekend, and then sometime last night I just sank into this horrible bog of self-pity alternating with self-loathing.  You know the mental quicksand drill?  You say to yourself, "oh no, I just stepped in it, I feel so sad, I better struggle to get out!" and then that crappy voice you shouldn't listen to says, "stop struggling and sink to your doom, you suck anyway!" 

How rude!  I will not stand for it, I am rad. 

I had a productive day, I cleaned all kinds of messes, cooked meals, pinned and sewed and embroidered some stuff, and played some games.  Hell, I even sent off a job application!  Take that depression (karate chop)!!!  Now I am going to take a shower (better late than never, don't judge), pour myself and my gentleman caller a glass of wine, and put in a funny movie.  Tomorrow is a new day, and I will be ready to face it.

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