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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Lovely Weekend

Glorious weather in the Pacific North West

Well we got a beautiful weekend this time around, I am so thankful.  Today continues to be gorgeous, but I have chores piled up from the last couple of beautiful days, so I will try to get outside when I can. 

Just a glimpse of my friends garden...

Saturday evening I got to play Medieval dress up and visit a wonderful homestead out Tulalip Res way.  There were lovely people, some neat activities, and a horse, two goats, and a coop full of hens (plus one rat skulking out of the hen house).  I want to thank my sweet new friend Isabel of Oxenford for taking me to this event, and also a big thank you to the Baron and Baroness of Aquaterra for all the information they shared with me. 

Sunday was loads of fun with a trip to visit friends in Seattle (the pictures above were taken on my friend's property in Lake Forest).  Plenty of sun, drinks, and the Fremont Market, followed by snacks from the food trucks lined up for the Mobile Food Rodeo.  Next time, I bring a bigger stomach! When you visit Fremont be sure to try the Guinness Float at The Red Door too, yummy!

Lines were long at the Rodeo, but the food was worth the wait

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