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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Restless Rhymes With Rainy...

Rasberries!  I am having a twitchy, itchy, restless kind of day.  It is still raining and I can't get outside to wiggle.  I think it is time to bust out my hula hoop and have a private dance party, yep, I said it.  **sigh**  But first- I made this great top in an attempt to feel productive.

You can find the tutorial over at Her New Leaf, a fun blog about DIY and such.  It is super simple, but I will let you read the tutorial and see for yourself.  The only changes I made were to cut the neck out of a long sleeved T-shirt and cut smaller slits, then I used the described technique, and finally made a little bow out of a strip of the leftover neck and sewed that on over the beginning hole.  

Thanks to my recent stint in retail I have some icky "work clothes" and I do use that term very loosely, these are horrid retail slave appropriate, not for an actual job (sorry retail slaves).   Instead of disposing of these sad little mishappen soldiers I would like to repurpose them.  I actually have two more shirts just like this one but in green and black to spruce up later, and I am taking suggestions.  Have you done any great T-shirt makeovers?  I have lots of very rock'n'roll ones with fringe and ties and such, but I could use some more lady-like options like this.

Now, for some hula hooping


  1. It looks so cute with smaller slits. I love it like that and think it would be super cute to do a couple of rows with it. I'm still experimenting with redesigning tshirts. So far a really cute one has been on Connect the Dottsons blog to alter the sides
    Or one to use a bleach pen to create your own design
    Good luck!

    1. thank you for the links! I actually tried to do two rows on another one, but I started with a shirt that wasn't big enough so it was no good. I want to try it again because it does look great, just be prepared for lots of shrinkage.