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Friday, May 11, 2012

Crack Heads Are People Too...

So it is a beautiful, sunny day here in the Pacific Northwest.  I am avoiding chores so I decided to walk down the street to peek inside a new antique store and grab an iced tea from the corner drugstore.  On the way I passed some people hanging outside their house smoking, chatting, and generally enjoying the sun.  They inquired as to my destination, so I offered the antique store bit, just to be polite, and quickly went on my way.  "There goes a classy lady," I heard one of them say to the other, "she's going antiquing."

Now don't get me wrong I am not adverse to a chat with a stranger.  Just last weekend I got some wonderful gardening tips from a couple I stopped to chat with outside their home in Fremont.  But in my neighborhood you get the occasional "crack head," and I try to avoid them.  I have a bit of a curse when it comes to attracting attention from crazies, especially the homeless ones, so I just try to be friendly and keep moving. 

Well  I made it to the little shop, it was nothing special, though I will probably go back and buy a Thai tiffen set I found for $17.  I popped into the drugstore and grabbed an iced tea, and I headed home.  As I walked I realized I either had to pass the same house with the crazies, or go a different route.  I decided to be polite I should walk back past them, they could see me coming and it just seemed rude to turn down a different street. 

I ended up trapped in conversation with a delusional butch lesbian, a drunk, and one seemingly normal guy who just wants to move out of Washington (I am sure he is on something too, just not right now).  After about 5 minutes, and an invitation to visit the woman's house on Whidbey Island for some "crabs and butter clams," I finally got my out when the guy who actually lives in this house came cruising up with his rolling trash can full of other people's recycling (Friday is garbage day in my 'hood).  This man I have had the pleasure of meeting many times before, he is an older Native American gentleman with a very serious drinking problem, he is sweet, but he makes me sad.  As everyone started their hellos I said my goodbyes and walked away with my new friend Heidi shouting out her fondest farewells.  Yeah bitch I am cool with you too...

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