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Friday, May 18, 2012

More 13th Century Spanish Garb

Well it took me an extra couple of days to snap some pictures (and they are not very good ones) of my new garb.  I wanted to wear these items at May Crown this weekend, but we are staying home, I am making a sad face right now... 

Oh well, that is life, perhaps I will get my husband and son into their new garb at some point between my husband's overtime shifts this weekend so I can get some pictures of them too.  I made each of them a spiffy new tunic, we are calling them "court garb" because they are fancy compared to the first simple tunics I made them last month.  But just in case I don't get a photo-op here are a couple of old pics of the pieces before they were completed.

My son's tunic WIP

My hubby's tunic WIP

My new outfit was intended to be fancy like theirs, but somewhere along the way it turned out sort of plain.  I think it was my choice of trim, I had some neutral colored felt in my stash and I was being cheap and lazy so I used it to do the edges.  I was fully intending to cut it down and cover it with woven trim, but I didn't get around to weaving any, maybe I still will, we shall see.  For now it is totally wearable as is. 

My outfit was inspired by the musicians fringed pellote pictured above (I found this image over at Jessamyn's Closet).  Clothing seemed pretty unisex during this period, so I figured I could get away with this for myself, and although it turned out a little shorter than I wanted, it is actually just like the one in this image.  The buttons are all hand sewn from scrap fabric, I embroidered the neckline of the fringed pellote, and I even hand sewed the 48 eyelets (well with my cheater method of setting metal eyelets first and then covering them with embroidery floss) at the back of the underdress.  I think my favorite part is actually the armpit gores, I made them in the red linen so they pop next to the "brocade."  The head covering in these pics is a black silk scarf I picked up for $2 at the Fremont Market, I think I like it better than a white head linen, but I may try out my veils just to be sure.

I have to admit I like this outfit, but I am not 100% happy with it, mostly because I couldn't get a large enough piece of linen.  I am tall, nearly 6' and I don't like the length of the saya on me, it was supposed to be a full 6" longer, it should pool at my feet and really show up under the fringed hem of the outer dress.  I bought what the fabric store had left of this linen and it was not even two full yards, I guess all things considered it turned out decent and I shouldn't complain, but I will anyway, 'cause that is how I roll!

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