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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Okay, because this blog is where I process my life I must, on occasion, have a moment of brutal honesty with myself, and obviously with you.  I may not be mentally prepared for my new hobby.  There, I said it.  The SCA encourages some of my deepest crazy... historical accuracy and authentic detailing. 

I am working on my first complete set of garb, with the intention of wearing it to an event in less than two weeks time.  I am also making garb for my husband and my son.  You could say time is of the essence.  However I have chosen now to practice my hand sewn rolled hems!  Yesterday I hemmed most of the raw edges on my pellote, and it looks amazing!  I told myself I would only do that one piece as a practice before I hem my veil (which OBVIOUSLY requires hand sewn rolled hems, LOL).  Now I can't help thinking I could hem it all by hand and it would be SO much more authentic. 

Let's not forget that tomorrow my new loom arrives and I want to make "some" trim.  I will need at least 20 yards, but I figure I will only do the most important bits before Sir Edward's Memorial Tournament.  The rest can be added later, right?  Oh, and I will need a pouch to carry my goodies, something simple, well simple with fringe, and embroidery, and beads!  I'm in trouble, but it is so much fun!

Inspiration, or Crazy Instigation?


  1. obviously the veil requires hand sewing! I love how nerdy you are! Your garb really is beautiful. You're going to have a blast at the ren fest. Be sure to have a few meat pies.

    1. mmm... meat pies, you read my mind, I just promised Geoff I would learn to make them yesterday!