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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Garb in Progress

My basic pellote (a medieval over dress) is now complete as well.  My little loom will be arriving this week and then I can crank out the trim I need to finish these dresses!   I have the fabric for my veils, but I haven't actually done anything with it yet (in these photos you can see I just draped it on).  I am hoping to complete this outfit in time for the Sir Edwards Memorial Tournament in a couple weeks.  This will be our first event and I am really excited!  I am also making all the garb for my boys, and I went with linen in various shades of blue and green, plus some quilted mint green cotton for my sons gambeson.  I will update with pictures of their stuff if I can, something tells me I might be crunched for time...  But on to the photos!  I had my sweet hubby snap a couple shots in our backyard this morning, please remember these are rough pieces, no trim or hems on yet, but I think the overall shapes turned out lovely.

You can see my inspiration here and here.  There are some amazing resources on the web and I was even able to find some photos of extant garments that were clear and detailed, I haven't included them here because I don't own them, but I'd be happy to point you to them if you are interested.

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