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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Medieval Garb Goodness!

Saturday I went to my first ever SCA event.  I love costuming and I was lucky enough to have the time and resources to make garb for myself, my husband and our son.  I thought it might be fun to share all the layers that went into my garb, so here is a description of the goodies and some pictures.  My drawers have an embroidered hem and hand woven belt, the camisa has embroidered sleeves and neckline, the saya encordada is made of bright sky blue linen in honor of my name (Celeste is a color), the pellote is teal linen with hand woven trim and hand sewn hems, the leather belt I made out of strips of very soft leather riveted together (it isn't very functional and will need a stiff backing if I want it to last), my veil, barbette, and band are hand hemmed and kept in place with seven beaded straight pins, my drawstring pouch is embroidered and beaded linen, the wool cloak is trimmed with rabbit fur, the red wool socks are from target, and my clogs are by Dansko.

And just for fun here are pics of my lords.  My hubby is wearing a green linen tunic with hand woven trim and hand sewn hems, a cotton chemise with laces, a thrifted pair of black leggings, a lovely hand woven cotton scarf given to me by a dear friend, a brown leather belt (previously used for a tool belt) and Doc Marten boots.  My son has a dark green tunic, cotton chemise, thrifted linen pants, brown leather boots, a gifted belt, and an amazing velvety cloak made by my friend Elizabeth Jennings (to see more of her goodies go here). 

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  1. I love you! And I'm glad to see the cloak finally fits. Lovely jobs, as usual.