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Monday, April 16, 2012

Thrift Haul

Sunday was a thrifting day at my house.  I went out after lunch to grab some leggings for my boys at the SVDP 99 cent sale.  That went well, I got the hubby some nice stretchy pants and my son some perfect linen drawstring  pants, and a pair of leather sandals, all to wear with their medieval garb.  I also found an awesome tankard for $2.99!  We have been talking about getting a set of these so we can have medieval beverages in style, but they run at least $20 each new, so this was a great find.  When I got home and showed off my new treasure it sparked my husband's inner thrifter, so we went back out looking for more goodies. 

At the Goodwill we found a leather weight lifting belt hand tooled with a dragon image (this is now a part of my son's armor.  We also got a wooden bowl and a metal bowl, both good for medieval potlucking, and a ceramic goblet, all together about $15. 

Next we hit the ever popular Value Village and I found two matching tankards for $3.99 each!  The mugs had a f-ugly engraved plaque on the front but my hubby has a grinder so, no problem.  I also found a pair of silver champagne flutes, my husband reminded me we don't drink a lot of champers, I think they will be great for mead, so we got them anyway.  We also picked up some timberland boots for my son to wear in combat, and a pair of creepers for me.  We actually spent too much money at the Village, but it was the shoes, so it doesn't really count, right? 

Picnic Time!

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