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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Epic Fail, Followed by Success!

Sometimes when I pick up a new craft it reminds me of reincarnation.  I feel as if my hands have done this new thing a thousand times before.  I wonder if that is what instinct in animals feels like, if a bird flying south for the first time has the same feeling as me with a loom in my lap.  I wonder if humans have developed any sort of instinctual connection to old crafts... and then I have another cup of coffee and do some dishes and get back to normal, shallow, everyday thoughts.  Other times I can't figure out a new craft to save my life!  Today was one of those times. 

I ordered cards for tablet weaving when I ordered my loom and I have been waiting like a kid on Hogfather's for them to arrive.  I opened them and got to work the second they arrived today, around 11 am.  They were so cute and innocent! 

 I read the instructions I had printed from the internet, and a booklet I had picked up for parents and children.  I thought, how hard could it be? Children as young as 5 can do it, the booklet says so.  Apparently I am not as capable as a kindergartener.  By the time my son got home from school I was ready to cry and throw things!  These lovely photos show you the mess I made.  Pattern?  What pattern?  I simply couldn't get it working.  So frustrating...

Then something clicked, I had my aha moment, I figured out where I had gone wrong and suddenly the patterns were there, like magic!  I was so excited.  I made a sampler of four different patterns and they all worked out beautifully!  I can't wait to make some trim tomorrow when my brain is fresh enough to warp the loom again.  I do love learning, it just goes to show you the old "try and try again" is true as ever.  Good luck in your own learning endeavors.

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