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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am not really big on fitness.  I enjoy the look and feel of my voluptuous body.  I love to eat.  I make my clothes look good.  I run when something very scary chases me, or when the spirit of Phoebe Buffay strikes.

But... yep there it is, you knew it was coming.  But, even I have to admit that lately I have been too sedentary for my own good.  I have a history of back and hip issues, so I usually try to keep flexible and maintain my weight, usually.  Lately I haven't been on top of those two things and now I am paying for it.  I hurt.  So I broke down and joined a gym.

This morning was my first water aerobics class.  It was good, my hips are a little tender already, but it was good.  I will be going twice a week, and taking yoga three days too.  I am a little bit excited.  I do miss the ability to work out whenever I wanted (a perk I left behind when I quit teaching 2 years ago). 

The gym also has a nice selection of equipment to use if the mood strikes.  Who knows, maybe I will get back into circuit training too.  I want to take some aerial silks classes from a fun school down in West Seattle, perhaps if I work on my arms for a couple months I will feel ready to take that on... 

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  1. Exercising and committing to classes is such a wonderful thing to do! I've been going to the gym for over a year and a half now, I have bad knees so I started with classes like yoga, bodyflow, core, pilates, and threw in Zumba for fun...now I'm a lot more focused but it's one of those things-you can never regret a workout, you always feel better afterwards, even if you're a little sore! Yoga is great but make sure you're not in a flow class to start with-I don't have hip problems and I found them sore sometimes after a flow (vinyasa) class!

    Feel free to drop my my blog and message me if you want any class recommendations or have questions! I sometimes do healthy life posts (and there will probably be lots coming up!)
    XO Lori

    1. Thanks for the support Lori. I know I will love myself for getting back into my comfort zone, it will be worth a little tenderness. Good luck to you in your 2012 fitness endeavors too, let's see where we are in a few months... I look forward to more healthy lifestyle posts.