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Friday, February 3, 2012

Personal Stylist

 Some days I really do wish I had a personal stylist in my closet.  I am going out with a couple of friends tonight and I will be wearing my favorite Kate Spade dress, but I can't decide on shoes!  Argh, silly I know, but do I wear the hot pink snakeskin heels or simple black flats?  I want to wear the hot pink ones, because let's face it I never go anywhere, and they want to get out of the closet.  But what if I decide to dance?  I don't know if I can cut a rug in the heels, they are a bit high.  Okay, I worked it out on my own, I will wear the pink ones and bring along the flats in case of emergency.  Whew! Crisis averted, no need to call a hotline.  Now out the door I go!

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