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Monday, February 6, 2012

Suprise Day Off!

Last night as we went into the last tense minute of the game (you know that little football game featuring New England and New York) our phone rang.  I figured it was one of the father's, mine or the hubby's, calling to get our final prediction; how would it all go down?  Boy, was I wrong!  It was the automated school principal calling to "remind" us that we had no school on Monday.

No school?  Really?  Damn, I didn't see that coming.  This is a day off to replace a day off that was canceled on account of snow... that doesn't even make sense.  Okay, technically it does make sense, there was a teacher work day that was canceled and had to be made up, but you see my confusion right? 

Not to fret, this mom will come up with fun for your day off at a moments notice!  Thank whatever god you believe in for the internet and a little unseasonal sunshine!  Today we pulled weeds for money, used bamboo stakes as weapons, played video games, and built a variety of paper airplanes, all in jammies!  Woo hoo!  I highly recommend the paper helicopter by Alex (sorry about the typos over there, the planes are still good).  Now if only mommy could get a little time to shower... nope gotta go fly another plane before I make dinner. 

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