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Friday, February 17, 2012

Tasting Childhood Memories

It is another rainy afternoon on the Puget Sound.  I decided to make myself a cup of hot tea.  I thought the Mint Verbena blend from The Enchanted Florist might be nice for my cold.  I took one sip and was transported back to my childhood. 

Well Within

Kiva Retreat House

When I was a kid my father used to take me to to some great public hot tubs back in my hometown of Santa Cruz, California.  The tea reminds me of the mint tea I used to enjoy way back then, have I mentioned my parents were hippies when I was little?  At first I was sure the tea was served at the Kiva House, but after another sip I thought maybe Well Within?  Now it is just going to bug me, if anybody knows which has the mint tea, comment, let me know so I can sleep tonight!

This memory reminds me what a lucky kid I was.  I can't say I have taken my kids to either of these wonderful places...  Different times, different kids, and I am not the parent that mine were.  It is funny how we choose our paths as parents.  I know that I for one have become a very different kind of parent than my mom and dad, not because they did a bad job, I turned out rad!  But seriously, I don't give my kids the freedoms I had as a child and I often wonder if this is a mistake.  I am strong because my parents allowed me to choose my own path, make my own mistakes, and learn from the journey.  I try to give my kids a safe environment to grow and learn in, but I think it may be too staged, their lessons too well choreographed. 

Hmmm, food for thought.  But at least I know where my kids are at night!  I love you Mom and Dad.

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